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The long linear plan gave the project its name, having originally been designed by architect Patrick O’Brien in the 1980’s for his own family.  The modernist inspired house consists of alternating planes of face brick and glass, both of which reach from floor level up to wall plate height.  The lightweight slim roof, which O’Brien likened to an aircraft wing, spans the openings with a generous roof overhang. 


The client saw through the dated and overgrown house in a state of disrepair they first encountered, appreciating the original features of the home and garden full of indigenous trees.  Building on the original design principles the house was expanded, and the internal spaces re-ordered to fulfil the needs of its new family.   The alterations include creating open-plan living spaces and extending the bedrooms further into the garden.  The alterations were made in keeping with the original design principles, while making the most of the natural light from large window and door openings.   The exterior of the house was painted black, updating the brick facades and nestling it subtly within the garden of mature trees.  



This project received an Award of Merit in the 2023 GIFA Regional Awards.  

Interior Design by Studio 19.

Photographs by Bureaux / Elsa Young 

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