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This new house in Irene was built on what was previously a tennis court, reclaiming an unused stand in the suburb.  The concept for the home draws inspiration from a simple barn-style, given the history of the area.  Generous sliding doors and double volume areas punctuate the shape to create a light-filled and spacious family home.  The open plan living areas open directly onto the large garden through wide sliding doors, allowing for easy entertaining and outdoor living.

The main staircase is accentuated by a brick feature wall and an overhead skylight.  The skylight tracks the path of the sun during the day, throwing a moving beam of light across the wall and into the adjacent areas.  A slatted timber screen acts as both a balustrade and door, framing the side of the staircase and passageway

This house is well suited to its highveld climate, designed to make the best of the stand through its orientation and position, providing a comfortable home all year round to the family that live here. 

Photographs by Sarah de Pina.

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